Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer, two Business Card synths with CV control for Eurorack

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Division 6 puts two of its cute, 8-bit Business Card synths into a new 18HP wide Dual Mini Synthesizer voice module for Eurorack 

At Knobcon 2018, Division 6 presented a tiny 8-bit Synthesizer in the form of a business card. A matching sequencer is also available in the same compact design. Both devices are available as a DIY project or, for everyone with two left hands, also in the assembled version.

Two special products that show that you can build a full-fledged Synthesizer in so little case. Perfect for mobile music making. Now the cute Business Card Synthesizer is also available in the Eurorack format. With double power and with CV controls.

Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer

Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer

The Dual Mini Synthesizer by Division 6 is based on two Business Card synth circuits from 2018 with all its 8-bit goodness. The module gives you two full synth voices in 18HP. Each voice features a single oscillator with glide, tuning and shaping options. You can shape it from pulse to a square, then to a triangle and and finally to a sawtooth wave.

Then, the oscillator signal is routed through a non-resonant lowpass filter. The filter is not modulable which is a shame. There are single AR envelope with dedicated outputs and two multi-wave LFOs (pulse, square, saw, triangle, and ramp shapes). Either with fixed routings (LFO to VCO and LFO to VCA) or free assignable via the LFO outputs. Further, you get a sample & hold generator for additional modulations.

Each voice can be triggered with a gate and CV input or manually.

If you are looking for simple synth voices, you will find it here an affordable module with a decent set of features and a unique sound character.

Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer is available now as a kit for $90 USD and fully assembled for $200 USD.

More information here: Division 6 

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