Spitfire Audio LABS LA Atmos, free instrument explores Los Angeles soundscapes

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Spitfire Audio LABS LA Atmos is a new addition to its every growing free instrument series, this title explores soundscapes from Los Angeles. 

Spitfire Audio is one of the top 3 in the field of sample-based virtual instruments. The British company offers plugins of fantastic quality. Always with a feel for new and interesting things. If you want to convince yourself of the quality of SA without spending hundreds of €/$ on a library, you should take a look at the LABS series.

This series of great-sounding and sound design focused virtual instruments is free and is expanded every month with a new title. They are not manipulation monsters, but they have a great sound quality and contains tons of interesting sounds. Often the result of pure sound experiments. And for the month of December, Spitfire Audio published a new LABS library.

Spitfire Audio LABS LA Atmos

Spitfire Audio LABS LA Atmos

LABS LA Atmos is a new free virtual instrument that is recorded on the streets of Los Angeles by the team behind non-profit LA radio station dublab. The library features a range of field recordings from Los Angeles, inspired by the techniques of musique concrète (Pierre Schaeffer, Stockhausen…) from crickets and crowds, to sirens and helicopters.

The sound designers warped and manipulated them to create unique patches that gives you both melodic and percussive soundscapes.

The LABS environment gives you the option to manipulate the patches with custom controls. The trailer below reveals more about the sound design process. The included demos sounds super atmospheric and lovely.

There Are More

My last article on LABS was in September. Back then, they published the Ondes Musicales. Between today’s release and the one in September there were further free LABS extensions that should not be missed.

  • Siren Songs, a library made in collaboration with futuristic folk artist Lyra Pramuk featuring emotive vocal drones, chants, tempo-synced rhyhms and pads.
  • Electric Guitars, a versatile collection of classic guitars featuring a range of styles, from darker rock tones to blues; from pop and indie to 80s chorus-drenched tones.

I haven’t used any of the large Spitfire Audio libraries yet, but I love the LABS libraries which gives you tons of stunning sounds as a free download. Thanks SA for another big LABS release.

Spitfire Audio LA Atmos is available as a free download for the Spitfire Audio app. It runs as a VST, AU & AAX plugin on Windows & macOS.

More information here: Spitfire Audio

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