Noisy Fruits Lab Sproom, new stereo multi-fx module for Eurorack

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Noisy Fruits Lab Sproom is a new FV-1 chip-based multi-fx processor module with 24 different effects for Eurorack 

The Spin Semiconductor FV-1 DSP IC is one of the most popular chips when it comes to digital effects. The chip can be found in various effect modules: Erica Synths Black Hole, Happy Nerding FX Aid, TipTop Audio Z-DSP VC, and many more.

Now another module joins the FV-1 party. The Bavarian company Noisy Fruits Lab has published Sproom, a new multi-FX processor.

Noisy Fruits Labs Sproom

Noisy Fruits Lab Sproom (Press Release)

Sproom is based on the FV-1 DSP IC by Spin Semiconductor, which got popular with some famous guitar pedal effects and covers all types of quality reverbs, delays, chorus, flangers, tremolos, or combinations of them.

It´s stereo and operates with 6 MIPS at Fs=48KHz or in other words, excellent audio quality with a clean dry/wet path to adjust the amount of effecting. The module offers three banks with each having eight different algorithms. In total, 24 effects.

The input is normalized to R. This means that by just plugging a mono source into the left input, the output becomes stereo.

Each algorithm can be controlled with one of the 3 potentiometers or by control voltage. Capable of -5 / +5V with the dedicated pot at around center position, or 0-10V with the pot fully closed. In other words, the pot acts as an offset. There are also fancy LED indicators for clipping and CV ins.

The internal effects are tied to the IC and fixed. Bank 2 & 3 or EX1 & EX2 can be exchanged with EEPROMS on the backside.

First Impression

At first glance, it looks like a solid stereo multi-fx for Eurorack. Yes, it’s another FV-1 DSP-based processor. It’s a pity that only one algorithm can run at the same time, but that’s almost always the case with lower-budget FX modules.

Noisy Fruits Lab Sproom is available now for 190€.

More information here: Noisy Fruits Lab

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