FaseLunare VEGA, 4 voice Eurorack drum module, available now for pre-order

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At Superbooth 21, the young Italian company FaseLunare is showing VEGA, a new 4 voice drum module packed with synthesis & sample power. 

Update: the module is ready for pre-order in the official webstore in a limited 15-unit batch for 249€

The Superbooth 21 is approaching with great strides. The first SB Synthesizer news arrives before the actual event. In addition to many good-known developers, the SB is also a place where many young companies celebrate their premieres.

FaseLunare from Italy is one of the newcomers at SB 21. Led by Francesco Mulassano (founder of the Soundmit Synth fair in Turin), Alessandro Comanzo (hardware designer), and Daniele Pagliero (software), they show a new impressive drum module for Eurorack.

Faselunare Vega

Superbooth 21: Faselunare VEGA

VEGA is a new 6HP Eurorack drum module with 4 digital voices tailored for drum sounds. Interesting, you don’t have to decide whether you want pure synthesis or samples, here you get both for every voice.

Each voice consists of a digital oscillator with multiple waveforms (sine/square, ramp, noise) or a sample source. You can load samples straightforward from the SD card on the panel. All four voices are identical and have 12 parameters per voice. That’s an impressive set: pitch, pitch envelope, cutoff, filter envelope, attack, release, Q, lowpass/bandpass, FM, FM tune, volume, and waveform.

Then, you have an onboard filter that can work in bandpass or lowpass mode. You can save parameter settings of the 4 voices in 5 memory slots and create/store them on the SD card.

Faselunare VEGA

Color-coded Interface

A highlight, for me, is the unique color-coded interface with RGB encoders, LEDs, and buttons. This allows easy diving through the 12 parameters per voice, presets, and more. It also simplifies performance. With a simple key combination, you can mute the 4 voices individually to create expressive performances with built-ups and breaks.

On the connection side, VEGA has an audio input, four trigger inputs (one for each input), and a random input. The latter randomly triggers the individual voices.

The module looks amazing, I really looking forward to checking it out.

Faselunare Vega is ready for pre-order for 250€ in a small 15-unit batch. Shipping starts in end of Januar/February 2022.

More information here: Faselunare 

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  1. To each their own I guess, but for the life of me I can’t understand why a drum synth module doesn’t have any CV input.

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