Error Instruments Spanky, experimental drum/noise synth module with a one-touch distortion

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Error Instruments Spanky is an experimental drum/ noise synth module for Eurorack that takes inspiration from circuit-bending drum machines

Eurorack manufacturers enrich us with new modules every day. Oscillators, filters, envelopes … If you pay close attention, there are often repetitions, for example, there are numerous 3340-based oscillators which often only have minor design changes.

But there are also lovely developers who give us modules that have nothing to do with the “mainstream” sound. One of the most popular is Paul Tas from Error Instruments who always releases very strange, unique module developments. And yes, his new module again from the very experimental side. Let’s introduce Spanky, a new drum & synth voice for Eurorack.

Error Instruments Spanky

Error Instruments Spanky

Error Instrument’s latest development is once again very special. According to Paul of Error Instruments Spanky (12HP) is the most experimental drum module in Eurorack so far. I have no concerns about this statement, as Paul is known for his crazy and bizarre developments The module is inspired by the circuit bending world and the Pulsar-23 drum machine.

Spanky is a hybrid drum module that melts analog and digital ideas together. It’s a drum machine but also a noise synth, says Error Instruments. As always, exact details about the sound engine are not given. That remains a noisy secret. However, we know that the sound takes inspiration from the wonderful glitchy world of circuit-bent vintage drum machines. The developers captured the timbres including their famous crunch and nuances.

The module features long gates for more dramatic and evolving hits. Also onboard is a capacitive touch panel right in the center of the module that distortion. And of course, this is very wild as it sounds different with every touch. It’s the one-touch crunch machine.

Spanky also includes six sequential clock dividers with six inputs with which you can create entire beats. So it’s not only your drum voice but an entirely experimental drum machine module. Further, you get a clock input to sync with your other gear as well as an on/off switch to reset the drums if needed.

Spanky is another module from Error Instruments that cannot be compared. It’s special, weird, and bizarre. It stands out from the crowd in terms of sound and that makes it worthwhile for me. It’s not your 808 or 909 sound module but one that gives deep, rich sounds from the sonic underground.

Error Instruments Spanky is available now for 275€ + shipping exclusively from

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