Superbooth 24: Modbap Modular CLRS: an end-of-chain stereo color effects module

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Superbooth 24: Modbap Modular CLRS is a new 10HP end-of-chain stereo color effects processor module for Eurorack.

Developers from around the world—from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA—will attend Superbooth 24 next week. It will be an international synth festival.

From the US will come Corry Banks with his young company Modbap Modular. For Superbooth 24, Modbap Modular introduced the CLRS stere effects processor.

Modbap Modular CLRS

Modbap Modular CLRS

CLRS (colors) is a new 10HP stereo effects processor module for Eurorack. It’s a dynamic reimagining of Modbap Modular’s HUE module, says the developers. 

At the core of CLRS lies a performable DJ-style state variable filter with a lowpass on the left and a highpass on the right side on one knob. Modbap Modular promises that seamlessly shaping sound in the stereo field becomes intuitive.

Next to this is a drive effect that can boost your clean mixes but also great edgy distortions. It adds warmth and texture, taking sound to harmonically rich territories. Then, CLRS offers a stereo width parameter to precisely control the width of the stereo field

Another element of the Modbap Modular CLRS module is a Lo-Fi effect with sample rate control that emulates the characteristics of lower-quality audio. This is joined by a bit depth parameter introducing an aliasing sound with distortion. Plus, you can CV control the Lo-Fi knob that affects a combination of both parameters.

That’s not all. The Mag effect is a combination of tape saturation and tape distortion in a single control knob. Adjusting the “Mag” knob introduces a magnetic-like effect to the audio signal. Great for infusing your audio with vintage and analog-style tonal qualities. 

One more? Okay! The last one is an intuitive one-knob compressor to control your audio dynamics.

The newly integrated three-way switch for ratio control provides the freedom to choose among light, medium, and heavy compression settings There is also a duck input in the compressor for simulated side chain compressions, allowing the player to send LFOs, envelopes, and the like to control the side chaining. 


On the front panel, you have knobs for parameters, stereo input, and stereo output on two L/R mono jacks. In addition, CLRS features CV inputs for modulation of the filter, drive, mag, and lo-fi effects.


First Impression

A nice stereo effects processor that is particularly suitable for end-of-chain processing. I really like the very direct arrangement of the parameters which makes it very hands-on for sonic manglings.

Modbap Modular CLRS is available now for pre-order for $399.99.

More information here: Modbap Modular

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