Pharmasonic SYS-100 Modules Are Roland System-100 Model 101/102 Clones For The Eurorack Format!

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Pharmasonic SYS-100 modules are analog clones of the vintage Roland System-100 Model 101/102 Synthesizer for the Eurorack format!

Not only Behringer will revive old Roland Synthesizers in Eurorack format but also the Japanese themselves. Pharmasonic, a Japanese Synthesizer manufacturer recently announced the SYS-100 Eurorack module range. These are clones of the well-known Roland System-100 Model 101 and Model 102.

A complete system with everything you need will be on the market shortly. It will be available as assembled or DIY modules.

Pharmasonic SYS-100.001 Pharmasonic SYS-100 Model 101


All modules are clones of the Roland System-100 Model 101 & Model-102

  • SYS-100 VCO (¥ 22,000 tax excl.) / PCB
  • SYS-100 VCF (¥ 20,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 VCA (¥ 14,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 LFO (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 ADSR (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 Mixer (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 Noise (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 Ring Mod (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 S&H (¥ 12,000 tax excl.)
  • SYS-100 Inv (¥ 10,000 tax excl.)

No sound demos are available so far. The developer will start shipping in mid January.

More information here: Pharmasonic

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