ST Modular Clipping Cat, new DIY vactrol-based distortion unit for Eurorack

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ST Modular has expanded its DIY module range with Clipping Cat, a new vactrol-based distortion unit for Eurorack with a diode playground system built-in

Eurorack is a fascinating, colorful world of synthesizers. From large to garage companies, there are modules for every price range. An important part of this is also the constantly growing DIY community with super interesting modules. Often only available as a DIY kit.

One of the shooting stars of the DIY Eurorack scene is the German Stefan Tretau. Better known as ST Modular. The developer has a huge portfolio of exciting DIY modules. And just recently he expanded it with another one.

ST Modular Clipping Cat

ST Modular Clipping Cat

Clipping CAT is the latest module from ST Modular and looks awesome. Especially the module design with the cat on it that has LED eyes. Clipping Cat (4HP) is a vactrol-based distortion unit that is designed to cram a lot of filth and grit into your tone. The module is based on the passive workmate clipping cat circuit but expanded in functionality.

The module has three knobs. Gain determines the amount of distortion applied to your signal while level decreases the signal level that is fed into the circuit. The amount of gain can also be CV controlled using the CV gain input socket. Each incoming CV signal can be attenuated with the corresponding potentiometer. This CV add-on also gives you the option to use it as a low-pass gate with smooth vactrol-based behaviour we all love. Another trimmer allows the circuit to be optimised for LPG or distortion purposes.

Then, you activate hard or soft diode clipping for additional character and juice in the signal. That is nicely paraphrased with the words CAT (hard) or NO CAT (soft). It also depends on the diodes you solder in. Thus the clipping behaviour can vary.

Stefan has also thought of everyone who likes to experiment. He simplified the exchanges of diodes for soft clipping on the backside with a “diode playground” system. You can easily swap through holde diodes.

Definitely another exciting module from ST Modular. I hope that at some point we will see already-assembled modules for two-left hand people like myself. I would like to have some for testing and for my rack.

ST Modular Clipping Cat is available soon as a DIY project.

More information here: ST Modular 

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