AMSynths AM1047K, keyboard percussion feature for the Behringer 1047 multimode filter

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AMSynths AM1047K module adds the missing keyboard percussion feature to the Behringer 1047 Multi Mode Filter, for percussive ringing tones.

Behringer currently has a large number of Eurorack modules in its portfolio. In addition to replicas of the Moog Modular and Roland 100 series, they also offer clones of the ARP 2500 for the Euro format. Behringer teamed up with Rob Keeble to develop these modules. A British indie developer who is known for his replicas of classic synths. He is also part of the development team of the upcoming Roland SH-5 replica.

In addition to the oscillator, envelope, there is also the 1047 Multimode filter/resonator module in the 2500 series. A solid filter module with a special character. One function, however is missing in the replica. It’s the keyboard percussion function, available in the original in the matrix. Rob from AMSynths is now delivering this function as a dedicated module for little money.

AMSynths AM1047K

AMSynths AM1047K

The AMSynths AM1047K is a 8HP module that adds the missing keyboard percussion feature to the Behringer 1047 Multi Mode Filter. The signal path is the following: first you need to patch three cables into the Behringer 1047 and AM1047K(Input, FCV1 and Q CV). The next step is connecting the AMSynths module to the gate and pitch CV signals of a Eurorack keyboard or sequencer.

The AM1047K modules has controls pots for the initial Q and final Q. It also translates the +5V Eurorack gate signal to the required +10V gate and trigger. According to Rob, this signal path is only required if you want to use this feature. For normal filtering tasks, you should unpatch it from the B1047 module.

With a keyboard or sequencer connected via CV and gate, the module allows you to ping the filter. This enables you to create percussive ringing tones. Thus, you can unlock the sound generator capabilities of the filter.

There is currently no demo for the AMSynths module … but here is a detailed review of the Behringer 1047 filter

Looks like a useful extension of the module. If you have the module in the rack and use it a lot, you will find it difficult to bypass this extension in my opinion.

AMSynths AM1047K is available soon for £65 from the official store. The module comes with a set of M3 mounting screws/washers, and a standard 16-way Doepfer power cable.

More information here: AMSynths

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