LA67 T-ZED, new analog through-zero phase modulation oscillator

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LA67 T-ZED is a new feature-rich analog oscillator for Eurorack that uses the new SSI2130 chip with built-in through-zero phase modulation.

Barcelona is a city where a lot of young Eurorack companies are at home. Befaco,, Patching Panda, Transient Modules, Winter Modular … Yes, also LA67 (La Sesenta y Siete) is developing new modules from the sunny, hot city on the Mediterranean.

So far they have shown us very exciting modules for little money. A Kobol-inspired oscillator (WFM), an SSI2140 based filter, or a crossfader module. With the T-ZED, they just released a new oscillator module.

LA 67 T-ZED Oscillator

LA67 T-ZED Oscillator

The T-ZED is a new analog oscillator with through-zero phase modulation with up to 10 octaves. It uses a new SSI2130 triangle core VCO chip that offers a wide range of waveform and modulation options. According to the developer of the module & chip, it tracks via the V/oct over 10 octaves with ease.

It has simultaneous waveform outputs for sine, triangle, saw, square, and a variable shape. With the shape knob, you can morph the waveforms from sine to triangle to saw. This movement can also be automated via the shape cv input and adjusted with the shape cv attenuator. It gives you rich and versatile sounding analog timbres.

Another neat function is the built-in phase modulation via the mod index parameter. You can also CV control it and adjust it with the index CV bi-polar attenuator. Plus, you have hard sync. T-ZED supports two separate frequency ranges (HI: 10hz-25khz / LO: 0,1hz-200hz) which turn it into a versatile oscillator but also modulation source.

A sound demo is not yet available but will be available soon. At first glance an interesting analog oscillator from Barcelona with a solid feature set. Also very tempting in terms of price.

LA67 T-ZED Oscillator is available now for 209€

More information here: LA67

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