U&I Software MetaSynth CTX, the epic painting with sound workstation is back

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U&I Software Metasynth CTX, the “Photoshop” for sound designers is back in a revised version with new image synthesis features & support for macOS 11.0

Without sounds, no music composition, and production. Sounds can come from synthesizers, drum machines, guitars, violins … or even from field recordings. There is a huge variety of sources. The process in which musicians turn their sources into their sound is called sound design. It’s an art and everyone has their own approach. There is no perfect sound. That’s special about it.

The sound design begins with sound generation (programming a synth, how you play a guitar + effects…)  and ends in the mastering of a track. All use audio as a basis, whether with hardware (tape recorder …) or in software with a DAW and plugins. But there’s another way. MetaSynth, for example, is a software application that turned the process upside down by offering sound creation using image synthesis.

U&I Software MetaSynth CTX

U&I Software MetaSynth

MetaSynth is a sound design toolbox packed with innovative tools used by many composers including Richard D James (Aphex Twin). The software is divided into different sections. It starts with Image Synth which is an environment where you paint your sounds. It allows you to create your own loops. The developer promises a host of available synthesis methods with nearly infinite customizable micro-tonality. Plus, you can combine it with a sampler or sequencer for further playability.

Image Filter gives you two dynamic stereo filters in the hand for classic filtering up to experimental, otherwordly sounds. Then, you have the Spectrum Synth that analyses your sounds and creates events that capture the original’s harmonics. You can then manipulate, filter, and re-arrange them to create new sounds. Here it goes the other way around: from audio files to paintings.

Effects Room is U&I Software’s interpretation of a multi-effect processor. Instead of switching it on/off, you can draw advanced graphic envelopes which you can set the effects in motion. Initially more innovative, now you can find it also in classic DAWs through automation. It includes classic effects like delay, reverb, chorus but also more unique ones like grain (granular-synthesis) or shuffler.

The last part is the Montage Room, a non-MIDI 24-track sequencer where you can compose entire tracks without pre-rendering your sequences. Each track can have images and samples that make it super unique.

U&I Software MetaSynth CTX

U&I Software MetaSynth CTX

With the MetaSynth CTX, the two-man developer company U&I brings the well-known image Synthesizer workstation back in a revised version for modern Mac computers. Yes, so far no Windows version but will come in the future says the developer. The remake not only brings support for modern Macs but also numerous new features for each section. Here are some highlights:

  • 16-bit image support for Image Synth & Image Filter: increases low amplitude representation, subtlety in re-synthesis, and improved analysis fidelity.
  • four new choices of color/luminosity display and additional custom tuning & scales for Image Synth & Image Filter
  • Spectrum Synth and Sequencer gets unlimited length limits
  • Sequencer includes seamless dynamic selection playback looping.
  • Effect Room now has an auto-save function for the entire effect state.
  • Sample Editor can now generate loop or one-shot samples
  • … and more

MetaSynth is a terrific sound design tool. It’s definitely for nerds who want to fine-tune the sounds in every last detail or want to get inspired by new sound creation tools. If you have a Richard Devine, Richard D James (Aphex Twin) .. in you, MetaSynth is certainly very exciting for your work.

U&I Software MetaSynth CTX is available now for 306€ for macOS and is compatible with macOS 10.10+ including 11.0. Existing customers of MetaSynth 5 or 6 for Carbon macOS get a discount. They need to contact the developer to get a coupon code.

More information here: U&I Software

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  1. Xx (MIDI for MetaSynth) is now available. Use it to play MetaSynth instruments: synths and samplers with MIDI controllers, create compositions with it’s pattern and sequencing tools – including chord completion, theme and variation generation. Then augment and mix in MetaSynth.

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