LA67 WFM, New Analog Oscillator For Eurorack Inspired By Kobol Synthesizers

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LA67 shows with the WFM a new slim, analog Kobol-style Eurorack oscillator in just 8HP that covers a wide range of classic and wild sounds.

A new developer from Barcelona has today presented WFM, a new analog VCO that offers a waveshaper design that you see less in the Eurorack world. It’s based on the 1970s Kobol synthesizers and it provides a continuously variable wave shape from triangle to wave to modulated pulse including simultaneous waveform for all waveforms: triangle, pulse, and WFM.

The strength of the module here is not primarily in the normal waveforms but in the between shape results. You can do this by turning the WFM knob. It gets even wilder and more experimental when you work with control voltage. The module has CV inputs for WFM mod, level input, and variable pulse. Additionally, you can work with linear or exponential FM and sync. With all these functions, very wild and unusual analog timbres are possible

LA67 WFM Oscillator


  • Three simultaneous waveform outputs: Triangle, Pulse, and WFM
  • FM input with attenuator, switchable between linear and exponential
  • V/Oct input
  • Sync input
  • WFM “MOD” input with attenuator
  • WFM “LEVEL” input
  • WFM variable pulse input
  • 10hz-25khz frequency range
  • 8+ octaves tracking
  • 8hp

LA67 WFM Oscillator is available now for 190€ (excl. VAT).

More information here: LA67

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