Roland packs all 90+ Zen-Core effects into a new Zenology FX plugin

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Roland Zenology FX makes all 90+ effects from the Zen-Core engine available in a separate effects plugin for macOS & Windows.

I will never become best friends with subscription services. No matter if music creation program, music streaming, or photo editing. I like being the owner of the software without paying for it endlessly. But I find it very good how much support Roland is currently putting in its own Cloud service. You can either like them or not.

But it is very positive to see that Roland keeps his promise and publishes new content every month. Whether new plugins, new sounds … subscribers get a lot to discover. Roland has just published the news for August. It’s a new plugin, and it’s their first effect plugin for the Roland Cloud.

Roland Cloud Zenology Fx

Roland Cloud Zenology Fx

Zenology FX is a new effects plugin for macOS and Windows. As the name suggests, the plug-in is based on the Zen-Core engine, which can also be found in numerous current Roland hardware products. With the Zenology FX, Roland decouples the 90+ effects from the Zenology engine and packs them into a separate FX plugin.

The effects range from authentic emulation of vintage devices to new modern ones. It includes filters (multi-mode, isolator…), modulation effects (phasers, flangers, chorus (CE-1, Juno-106), ring modulator, slicer…) as well as drives, compressors, limiters, and more. A wide range of delays (multi-tap, tape echo, modulation…), loopers (DJFX looper from the SP-404), lo-fi, pitch, and effect combinations. Unfortunately, there are no reverbs in the Zenology FX plugin and it’s limited to a single effect or combo effect which is a bit of a shame. So no real multi-effect processor.

Like in the Zenology plugin, you can edit each effect of the FX plugin in detail with various parameters.

For current users of the Roland Cloud, this is a nice new plugin with lots of great effects. From vintage to modern, everything is there and many will be happy about emulations of classics like the Juno-106 chorus or Dimension D.

Roland Zenology FX is available now as part of the Roland Cloud subscription service. You can test drive it for free with a Roland account until December 31st, 2021. And Roland recently announced that all plugins now have native Apple M1 support which is very good.

More information here: Roland Cloud 

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