Frequency Central Wonderland and Looking Glass, new matrix mixer modules

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Frequency Central Wonderland and Looking Glass are new matrix mixer modules with either 8×8 or 5×5 inputs/outputs for both audio and control voltages.

A matrix mixer is a super creative tool that gives you new options to mix audio and CV signals together. It mainly routes multiple input audio signals to multiple outputs. You can use it for simple mixing tasks of different sources, to route signals to different outputs for further processing, or for experimental stuff like the generation of feedback.

The British manufacturer Frequency Central has now released two new matrix mixer modules, one large and one small, which bring the benefit of matrix mixing into your rack for little money.

Frequency Central Wonderland

Frequency Central Wonderland

Wonderland is an 8×8 mixing hub for booth audio and control voltage that can be an active patch bay, matrix mixer, or switcher. It has 8 inputs (1-8) with dedicated micro-attenuators for each channel. You can set them with a small screwdriver.

Then, you get 8 buffered normal outputs (A to H) which are in phase, and additional 8 buffered inverted outputs (A-H) which are inverted by 180o. Wonderland gives you absolute patch freedom. You can patch a single input to a single output or multiple outputs. Or patch multiple inputs to a single or multiple outputs as well.

You can program the matrix mixer with the help of 64 push-on/off switches. Any of the 8 inputs can be patched to any of the 8 outputs simply by pressing the corresponding switches. You get the patched signal on both normal and inverted outputs simultaneously.

A module that is particularly exciting if you want to patch creatively and if you want to get more out of your current set. Too bad there are no knob-based attenuators. But there is a sister module called Looking Glass with that functionality.

Frequency Central Looking Glass

Frequency Central Looking Glass

Looking Glass is another “mixing” hub for both audio and control voltages. Unlike Wonderland, it has a 5×5 lineup with 5 inputs, 5 inverted outputs, and 5 normal outputs. It also has a switch matrix made of 25 push-on/off switches.

The switch matrix concept is the same as in the brother, but there are two features that differ: Looking Glass features full-size input attenuators as well as LED status indicators that give you instant visual feedback.

Two exciting matrix mixer modules. I would rather go for the Looking Glass as it is more compact and hands-on with its hardware attenuators.

Frequency Central Wonderland is available now for £160 as an assembled module or £40 for the PCB and Panel. Looking Glass is also available for £160 as an assembled module or £40 for the PCB and Panel.

More information here: Frequency Central 

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