Walrus Audio Polychrome, New Colorful Analog Flanger Pedal

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Walrus Audio Polychrome is a new analog flanger effect with two unique voice modes paired with many hands control built into a very compact, colorful pedal.

I have to admit, I really like Walrus Audio as an effects pedal manufacturer. Their current pedals have a lot of character, offer beautiful feature sets and interfaces that have been developed with great attention to detail. Even if they’re not very well known in electronic music, hey this has to change, they go nicely with synthesizers.

With Polychrome, Walrus Audio is showing a new compact analog flanger that offers a lot.

Walrus Audio Polychrome

Walrus Audio Polychrome

Polychrome is a new analog flanger pedal with two distinct voices. Like Julia and Lillian, Polychrome has a very lovely interface. Lots of love for the design. But back the engine that interests us most. It features five knobs that control the rate, depth, sweep, and feedback. With the rate knob, you set the LFO from very slow 0.1 Hz to 8Hz. There is also a shape switch change the built-in LFO to sine, triangle, or random. Depth knob adjusts the width of the filter sweep, sweep controls how deep the flange is. With feedback knob, you can determine the intensity of the effect. This can range from subtle to more powerful flanging effects.

The voice switch lets you select between two voices for the flanging effect. In the down position, the flanger is more traditional and full frequency. In the up position, you get a more complex and notched flange effect with less low end. Like on the Julia & Lillian pedals, it includes the D-F-V knob that stands for dry, flange, and vibrato that allows you to blend in the dry signal. Here you can go from full-dry and classic flange all the way through to a full vibrato setting. Two built-in LEDs give you visual feedback.


Polychrome also features a smart momentary bypass in combination with a true-bypass circuit. It’s a mono pedal thus it has simple input/output jacks on the top. Good decision, this makes it easier to integrate the pedal into existing pedal systems. It runs off a 9 V center-negative power supply and requires 100mA.

At first glance a nice-sounding, feature-rich analog flanger with a lot of character. The highlight for me, however, remains the lovely, colorful interface.

Walrus Audio Polychrome will be available soon for a price of $199 USD/209€.

More information here: Walrus Audio

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