Walrus Audio MAKO R1, High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb For Guitars & Synths

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NAMM 2021: Walrus Audio MAKO R1 is a new feature-rich high-fidelity stereo reverb that fits perfectly in guitar and Synthesizer setup.

The virtual NAMM 2021 consists not only of new Synthesizer releases but also of many guitars, music accessories… news. Walrus Audio has released very nice, solid, and clever pedals in the past year. I already report on the Lilian and Julianna pedals that also harmonize nicely with synthesizers.

Walrus Audio is showing at virtual NAMM 2021 the new MAKO R1 stereo reverb pedal with a big set of features.

Walrus Audio R1 Reverb

Walrus Audio MAKO R1

MAKO R1 features six different reverb algorithms: spring, hall, plate, BFR, RFRECT, and AIR, all in one compact pedal. The first three should be familiar to most users. BFR stands for “Big F***ing Reverb” and is a monstrous sounding reverb. RFRCT (refract) creates weird, glitchy trails while Air is a large diffused reverb with additional shimmer effects. Each algorithm can be adjusted with different parameters available on the interface: decay, swell, mix, tweak, prog, tune…

It also has a sustain/latch footswitch that controls different parameters depending on which reverb you have selected. You can also adjust the low and high-frequency content of the chosen reverb with the tune and X three-way toggle switch. Further, you can add a swell effect to any of the reverbs effects as well.

Walrus Audio R1 Reverb

Patch Storage & MIDI

The pedal is not only versatile in terms of available algorithms but also on the connection side. It has stereo inputs and outputs but you can operate it in either stereo or mono modes. This allows you to use the pedal with monophonic signals from guitars, synths & others. The MAKO R1 has nine onboard presets but you can also recall 128 presets via MIDI, very handy. Plus, it has the ability to bypass the trails.

At first glance a very exciting, high-quality stereo reverb pedal with a good of features.

Walrus Audio Walrus Audio MAKO R1 is available soon for $349 USD, 369€, or £319.

More information here: Walrus Audio

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