Pace Releases iLok v3 With USB-C For Modern Computers

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Pace has today released iLok v3, a new version of its ubiquitous dongle with USB-C which now fits into modern USB-C only computers.

Copy Protection, for many musicians it is a true love-hate story. You don’t like them, but they are important to ensure that third parties don’t distribute developers’ work for free. The reason developers do this is understandable. I protect my website too, so why not software products? From simple serial numbers, challenge-response authentications to the beloved USB dongles that nobody really likes.

The most famous USB dongle comes from the security company Pace. The second E-licenser from Steinberg will be discontinued in the near future, that’s good. Not to forget iLok is also available in software form, which gives me significantly fewer headaches. But if you don’t want to do without the USB stick, there is now a version for modern computers.

Pace iLok v3

Pace iLok v3

The iLok v3 USB dongle is now available in two versions, with classic USB, and with USB-C. Both iLok devices hold up to 1500 authorizations, 3x more than before, and deliver twice the transfer speed of the second generation iLok USB says Pace.

It comes in a sleeker, smaller form factor with a full aluminum jacket that won’t split or crack from normal use.

Pace iLok v3 is available now for 49€/$59.95.  When buying be careful that USB-C is explicitly pointed out. The normal version is still available.

More information here: Pace 

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