Ekssperimental Sounds SineSynth, Experimental Additive FM Synth For Reason

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Ekssperimental Sounds SineSynth is a rack extension for Reason that takes you on an experimental additive and FM synthesis journey.

What many forget. In addition to the classic VST / AU / AAX plug-in interface, there is also the rack extension that works in Reason. With the introduction of the Reason Rack Plugin, rack extensions can also be integrated into other DAWs like Ableton Live, Logic Pro…

If you look at the Reason Store you will find exciting virtual instruments and effects. A company that stands for special is Ekssperimental Sounds, which already has experimental in its name. They have recently released a new synth that is capable of creating some bizarre and weird sounds.

Ekssperimental Sounds SineSynth

Ekssperimental Sounds SineSynth

SineSynth is an experimental additive Synthesizer with FM capabilities. The core uses 16 sine wave generators aka partials. These can act as additive sound generators or in FM mode as operators. In this mode five of the partials act as caries and the 11 remaining partials act as modulators. Each partial can be set precisely with a volume and rate slider. SineSynth comes with 2 LFOs and 2 envelopes that give you the option to modulate the level and ratio of the partial. Either in “ALL” or “IND” (individual) mode.

Then, you get a noise generator with analog & digital-style modes and a waveshaper for additional sound shaping. The waveshaper comes with soft ring modulation. hard ring mod and a waveshaping by than curve. All of this does not make it super experimental enough. Therefore it has a built-in “floppy reader” with 5 disks that contains 10 waveforms each. These replace the original sine waves of the particles that expand the sound spectra of the synth into the experimental field. If that is not enough, you can use the wide range of virtual CVs on the backside that raises the level of weird and unique sounds again.


Finally, it has a reverberation and stereo echoes processor that easily adds depth and width to your sounds. Ekssperimental Sounds says that SineSynth is great for warm organic sounds, metallic hits, weird sound FX, and disharmonic FM timbres.

A very special rack extension synthesizer that in my opinion has an interesting concept. Since there is the Reason Rack plugin, this synth can also be used in Ableton Live and other DAWs.

Ekssperimental Sounds SineSynth is available now for an introductory price of 50€ instead of 99€ until end of March 2021. It’s compatible with Reason Rack Extension.

More information here: Ekssperimental Sounds

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