Sinevibes Luminance 2.0, Super Lush Atmo Reverb Got An Update

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Sinevibes Luminance 2.0, the dreamy, soundscape reverb plugin per excellence has got an update with many improvements and now shines in a new GUI.

You can never have enough reverbs. No matter in pedal, 19 rack, or plugin format. Besides the exceptional releases from ValhallaDSP, I’m a big fan of the plugins from Sinesvibes. Away from effects that we know, towards innovations, innovative algorithms with new approaches.

One of them is Luminance, a reverb that lifts every sound onto a floating cloud. It sounds super lush, atmospheric, and doesn’t mess up the signal. This algorithm must as a standalone pedal would be divine. The plugin has now got a 2.0 update with many improvements and a new GUI.

Sinevibes Luminance 2.0

Sinevibes Luminance 2.0

The Luminance 2.0 is not just a simple update but a real sonic upgrade for every existing user. At first glance, the newly designed and improved interface is noticeable. It’s now up to 200% scalable in size and features a built-in preset manager. The biggest difference to the previous version will be noticed in the engine. This has made a significant leap forward.

It now comes with support for any processing buffer size requested by the host. You can now adjust smooth & continuous the reverb space parameter cand the pre-delay time. The space parameter has now a much wider range in both directions. Then, the developers tweaked the engine that it creates in version 2 a more balanced stereo image which is a nice upgrade. Also new are:

  • Increased maximum return signal level
  • Improved behavior when receiving the reset() call from the host
  • More natural parameter mapping on all controls
  • Added all-new presets + recreated and reworked collection of all presets from the previous version

VST3 plugin support is now also available, which is a nice addition.

Sinevibes has given Luminance an excellent update. Also before this was the plugin one of the best lush-sounding atmospheric reverb plugins out there.

Sinevibes Luminance 2.0 is available now for $39 and runs as a VST3/AU plugin on macOS. The v2 update cost $10 USD for existing Luminance users.

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