Error Instruments Cloudbusting, New Semi-Modular Experimental Synthesizer

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Error Instruments has transformed its Cloudbusting Eurorack module into a desktop Synthesizer that invites you to super experimental sound from outer space. 

Error Instruments has introduced in the past weeks/months many crazy Synthesizer products that you can’t find in a traditional music shop. Just recently, Paul of EI released the Sputnik Radio, a super weird sounding oscillator module for Eurorack. Today there is something special for fans of desktop instruments.

Cloudbusting is a “semi-modular” experimental Synthesizer that features in total 11 points. This is a desktop adaptation of the Cloudbusting Eurorack module. I described as semi-modular because it’s a closed system, where you cannot replace the modules or components as in a Eurorack synth. But modular inside the box so you are free, how you want to patch the synth.

Error Instruments Cloudbusting

Cloudbusting’s digital engine features 6 operation modes with different parameters to explore: sequence (4 step sequencer/arpeggiator), drone (low oscillator bass), plum (filtered sounds with singing resonance), chords (4 voice chord with individual CV), FM (frequency modulation style noise) & random (random switching between the different modes).

The synth offers different modulation points but patching is very different here. There are no cables sockets known from classic semi-modular synths, but alligator clips cables are used as in the Soma Laboratory Pulsar 23 drum machine. Cloudbusting is built around 11 poles that split into two parts: inputs on the top and outputs on the bottom. The outputs all have a weather symbol, the master is the sun but also the mode selector.

According to the developer, it is mostly made for experimental purposes. It can create deep drones but also sounds that inspired by the Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter/Rolls5.  But also super weird sounding frequency modulation sounds are achievable here.

Error Instruments Cloudbusting is available now for 220€ (including 21% VAT).

More information here: Error Instruments

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