Behringer Teased A Clone Of The Cat Analog Synthesizer By Octave!

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Cloning a vintage clone? There is an indication that Behringer has started working on an analog clone of the Cat Synthesizer by Octave with Eurorack compatibility!

After the Model D, Pro-One, VP-330 Vocoder, Odyssey, SH-101, TR-808, Behringer announced today the next clone of a vintage analog Synthesizer. If I’m not mistaken, Behringer started working on a clone of the Cat Synthesizer. As usual, it will be compatible with the Eurorack world.

Interesting is here not the fact that Behringer will reproduce another vintage Synthesizer from the past but that the Cat was described in the past as a ARP Odyssey clone. Does that means that Behringer now clones also vintage clones? That would certainly be a novelity.

Our friends of described in these words:  The Cat is actually very much like the ARP Odyssey, so much so that ARP had sued them in the late 1970’s for cloning their designs. The Cat is a monophonic/duophonic analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators capable of square and sawtooth waveforms. VCO 1 also has a triangle waveform. Each of the waveforms can be played simultaneously and mixed together and there are additional sub-octave oscillators on each oscillator to blend new and interesting sounds.

As usual for Behringer news, no information about the release or the price. More information will follow pretty sure in the next months.

Source: Behringer

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