Noise Engineering Ruina Versio, Deep Dive Into Stereo Distortions With DOOM Factor

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Noise Engineering expands its DSP-based Versio series with the Ruina Versio, a swiss-army-knife for simple & experimental stereo distortions. 

Chips are getting smaller and more powerful. The Eurorack community also benefits from this technical progress. These open up new possibilities for modular synthesis that were only dreamed of a few years ago. Digital modules are more exciting than ever. One of the projects that shows this next digital step is the Versio module from Noise Engineering.

It is based on a digital DSP platform on which the algorithms can be switched using a simple web editor. The module becomes a new one with every new firmware. Already in the past, I reported about the Desmodus reverb and Imitor delay modules & codes. Now the friends of complex distortions get their money’s worth.

Noise Engineering Ruina Versio

Noise Engineering Ruina Versio

How many different types of distortion can we fit on a single module? Kris Kaiser and her team asked themselves this question. The answer is a lot. Ruina Versio is the latest release in the Versio module series and is a true stereo distortion sound design workstation. It can act as a wavefolder, multiband distortion, overdrive, and much more. The wavefolder is based upon the circuit from the Basimulus Iteritas Alter, one of the best-selling modules from NE.

The front panel is known from the other Versio modules but is adapted to the distortion engine. With the big “Center” knob, you can set the multiband saturation while “drive” pushes through the low, mid, and high bands. Above you have “phase” that shifts the left and right channels to create unique phase-shifting effects. According to Noise Engineering, it also works with mono signals.  Then, “8vise” controls a full-wave rectification distortion inspired by the Pure Ruina module.

The eye-catching “DOOM” knob is a fat, evil sub-octave chorus effect that is capable to create a swarm effect on your waveforms. Noise Engineering describes it as: “if you’ve ever wanted to emulate a swarm of bees descending on your waveforms, this is the knob for you”. Further, you have some switches to set the routing and to turn on the notch filter. You also have a “smoosh” momentary button that raises the signal with 128dB of gain. If you like it very loud, you get exactly what you want

More Than A Stereo Distortion

Don’t forget whoever buys Ruina Versio also benefits from the other algorithms available. A simple USB connection and a few clicks, and your module takes a new direction. Plus, open-source support is available, too, which allows you to write your own firmware.

The new Ruina Versio algorithm sounds very promising. That makes the platform even more attractive. The other free algorithms, like the Ruina, are super versatile and unique. The Desmodus reverb is exceptional. Haunting, lush, and big. A lot is being offered here for the money and I am very curious to see how the journey will continue.

Noise Engineering Ruina Versio will be available next week March 25 for $345 USD. The algorithms will be available as a free download for all Versio customers.

More information here: Noise Engineering

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