Pluck Is A New Physical Modelling User Oscillator For The KORG Minilogue XD / Prologue Synthesizer

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Sound Mangling has today released Pluck, a new physical modeling user oscillator for KORG Synthesizers with the built-in multi-engine (Minilogue XD/Prologue). Pluck is based on Karplus/Strong synthesis (invented by Kevin Karplus & Alexander Strong) that allows you to create plucked string sounds.

The idea is to imitate the sound of a plucked string by sending a short impulse through one or more delays that operate with such short delay times that an audible tone is created. Pluck is based on this principle but doesn’t copy it. Another super useful user oscillator that shows what is possible with this excellent multi-engine.

 Sound Mangling Pluck


Pluck for Minilogue XD is a User Oscillator for uploading to a Korg Minilogue XDsynthesiser. At its heart is an algorithm which attempts to recreate the resonant qualities of a plucked string instrument through the use of a tunable feedback loop.  Kevin Karplus and Alexander Strong were two of the first pioneers of a commercial physical modelling plucked string synthesis algorithm in the early 1980’s, and their valuable work has inspired and contributed to numerous hardware and software implementations of plucked string instruments ever since.

Although the algorithm inside Pluck for Minilogue XD is to a degree based on the basic principles of Karplus/Strong string synthesis, it is of my own creation and not a direct clone of any existing work. That said, I do not believe that bringing the basic sound of a plucked string to the Minilogue XD is something I should seek specific financial reward for, hence the minimum price I have set is purely a small contribution towards the administrative costs of providing and running this distribution channel plus a small charge for the nine presets that I developed specifically for Pluck for Minilogue XD and which are included with the User Oscillator.

If you are able to donate more than the minimum price then I will be ever so grateful, whatever income I receive will help me to maintain this User Oscillator, to keep it compatible with future Minilogue XD firmware updates, to provide maintenance releases and to hopefully provide new features in the future.

Sound Mangling Pluck is available now for a minimum price of 5€.

More information here: Sound Mangling

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