DOORS Movie, Actor Communicates With Aliens Using A Modular Synth

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In a new trailer for the upcoming science-fiction film DOORS, a guy communicates with aliens using a Eurorack modular Synthesizer. 

Eurorack synthesizers or modular systems, in general, are impressive to look at. Especially for those who see it for the first time. The blinking sound cases are not only used by musicians but also by film producers.

In the new film trailer for DOORS, a new science fiction film from Epic Picture Group, a modular Synthesizer has once again appeared without reference to music. Here it is used to communicate with aliens. Only possible in the film, in reality, we use them for creating deep alien sounds aka bleep and blops. Or can we really communicate with aliens with our beloved module systems?

Doors Modular Synth


At 0:03 seconds, a person tries to communicate with aliens with a modular system. You can see a case from Pittsburgh Modular and a Lifeforms percussion sequencer, some Make Noise modules (Maths…), and others.

The Producers Of DOORS say

Without warning, millions of mysterious alien “doors” suddenly appear around the globe. In a rush to determine the reason for their arrival, mankind must work together to understand the purpose of these cosmic anomalies. Bizarre incidences occurring around the sentient doors leads humanity to question their own existence and an altered reality as they attempt to enter them.

People who can’t do anything with them will surely find the pictures exciting. We synthesizer-savvy musicians grin at this. However, it’s nice to see that every now and then they can be seen in other contexts as well. We remember the DC Titans movie where Batman and Robin work with the Roland Aira MX-1 and System-1M.

Doors movie will be available via video on demand on March 23rd and home video on April 6th, 2021.


  1. The fact they were using one like that actually pissed me off. They probably spent 4 grand on that case when a couple hundred was all that was needed to make a jack board with a few blinking lights and knobs. Did they really think noone would notice? I noticed Maths immediately….AND rings! Would have be awesome had they ACTUALLY been playing the racket it was making.

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