Superbooth 23: Error Instruments Punk Resonator and Error System 0.3

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Superbooth 23: Error Instruments shows the experimental synth side with the Punk Resonator and Error System 0,3, a crazy modular system.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Paul Tas from Error Instruments has the craziest booth at the Superbooth every year. Every year, the Dutch developer shows products that drift far away from the classic synthesis thinking and bring to the fore ideas that are crazy and noisy.

For Superbooth 23, he explores the resonating world with its Punk Resonator mini desktop synth. Plus, he will show Error System 0.3, a fully modular system packed with the madness and uniqueness that Error Instruments is all about.

Error Instruments Punk Resonator

Error Instruments Punk Resonator

Punk Resonator is a little crazy semi-modular synth based on the Atari Punk 555 and 556 timer chips. This setup creates a step generator of some really dirty, crunchy timbres.

It consists of three parts: analog noise (right), resonator circuit (mid), and modulation section (left). According to the developer, it has a built-in attenuator for patching and a reset control over the built-in LFO and sequencer. The produced sequences can also be locked and looped.

Thanks to the built-in lowpass gates, Punk Resonator can also explore the percussive side of crunchy sounds. All of this is housed in a small black and silver box with a punky design typical of Paul Tas’ instruments. It also hosts bright green lights and a smiley face. Probably to show how happy the crazy sounds make you.

A beautiful, crazy instrument to explore wild sounds with. You don’t need to be afraid of getting lost in menus. Everything is hands-on and direct.

Error Instruments Error System 0.3

And for those for whom the resonator is not enough and who wants to discover everything, Paul Tas offers a part of his madness-driven sound laboratory as a modular synth.

Error Instruments Error 0.3

Error System 0.3 is a complete modular system packed with various fabulous modules from its extraordinary portfolio.

First Impression

Yes, as always with Error Instruments: totally crazy and special. Punk Resonator is a wild thing and sounds crazy. Error System 0.3 could be particularly exciting for sound designers with a bent for madness. All in all, aery special products for the Superbooth

Error System 0.3 will available for 4950€. Error Instruments will be at Superbooth 23 at booth Z370.

More information here: Error Instruments

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