ALM Busy Circuits CS001, New 84HP Solderless DIY Powered Eurorack Case

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ALM Busy Circuits CS001 is a new, beautiful 84HP wide powered Eurorack solderless DIY case that you can screw together yourself

Every entry into the Eurorack world begins with the case. Either you build one yourself or you take one of the numerous ready assembled cases. Arturia, Doepfer, Intellijel, TipTop Audio or from specialists like MDLR Cases from the Netherlands, you have a lot of choices.

ALM Busy Circuits presented a case today that can be interesting for every newcomer. The case that runs under the code name CS-001 is a new 84HP wide powered Eurorack case. Powered means that the power strip you need is integrated into it directly.

ALM Busy Circuits CS-001

ALM Busy Circuits CS001

The CS001 case, however, has a special feature. It is a DIY kit and the user has to assemble it by himself. DIY kit. You only need a classic Phillips screwdriver and the printed or easy-to-follow video manual to assemble it. The case is made of all anodized aluminum, has rubber feet, and includes an on/off switch. Modules with a maximum depth of 42mm fit inside.

The built-in switched powered bus board supports up to 16 modules with a total maximum of 1 amp total power on both -12V & +12 V rails. The case doesn’t feature a 5V rail. Nonetheless, this gives you enough juice to power numerous modules. Then, the CS001 case uses M3 threaded fixed mounting strips, no sliding nuts. Good decision.

ALM Busy Circuits CS-001

Thonk, the exclusive reseller for now ships the case with a 12VDC power supply with adaptors for North America, Europe, UK, Australia, and China. Great because these costs often more than 25€ and more.

At first glance a nice, stylish case at a fair price. A good entry-level case for Eurorack beginners.

ALM Busy Circuits CS001 is available now for £162,49 (excl. VAT) exclusively from Thonk

More information here: ALM

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