Qu-Bit Cascade, Ratcheting Envelopes, VCA, Compressor & More

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Qu-Bit Cascade is a multi-functional Eurorack module that generates ratcheting envelopes, compresses signals, multi-algo sound source & more. 

Analog is not everything. There are also countless exciting digital modules with clever concepts. Qu-Bit from the US is one of the strongest here and packs a lot of functions into its modules.

With Cascade, Qu-Bit Electronics presents a new Eurorack module that features four functions in one: envelope generator, VCA, compressor, and noise generator. A true multi-functional module.

Qu-Bit Cascade

Qu-Bit Cascade

Let’s start with the main function, the envelopes. Cascade is capable of generating a wide range of envelopes. From snappy 500 microsecond AD, ASR, and ADSR envelopes up to 5 seconds of attack, 10 seconds of decay, and 5 seconds of release. It’s fully triggerable, curve can be adjusted and inverted with control over the output level. Plus, you have an offset from 0-10v.  It gets deeper in the AD and ASR modes. Here you can add with the repeats knob up to 16 ratcheting repeats to the trigger inputs. You can also set it to infinite looping. A sophisticated envelope generator in my opinion that has a lot to offer.

Then you have a VCA and compressor onboard with virtual sidechain functionality. Here the envelope curve & repeats knobs control the ratio and threshold. Three outputs are available. The VCA outputs the VCA signal shaped by the envelope. The envelope (env) output is simply the envelope shape signal. The gate output is only active when the trigger input is patched or you work with compression. Next, it has a multi-algorithm source with 4 types including white noise, 808 kick and hi-hat, and a high-frequency sine tone. All activate with a trigger signal.

That’s not all. It also comes with an envelope follower that generates an envelope in relationship with the incoming audio signal.

Electro Smith Daisy

Like the other current modules from Qu-Bit, Cascade is also based on the Daisy Ecosystem. Is it bad? No, as this platform allows the user to reprogram the module. So you could turn the module into something different. Noise Engineering has been using the same platform for its modules for some time. How far you can reprogram Cascade, in this case, is not yet known.

At first glance a nice multi-function tool with some nice functions

Qu-Bit Cascade is available now for pre-order for $279 USD in black or silver. They expect to ship by the end of February.

More information here: Qu-Bit 

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