1010music Intros bitbox Mk2 Eurorack Sampler Now With Granular

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For SB20 HE, 1010music has introduced bitbox mk2, a reworked version of their Eurorack sampler with twice the processing power, granular synthesis & more.

In addition to the bitbox micro, the secret star of the Superbooth 2020 Home Edition, 1010music has also updated the regular bitbox to mk2. The second-generation features twice the processing power over the original and increases sampler polyphony to 24 voices. Also here, you can find granular synthesis and other new features in the engine. The screen has been updated to a new IPS touchscreen that stays crisp when viewed from all angles to make selecting, editing, triggering, and tweaking samples easy. 

The highlight of the module is the sample playback engine that includes several modes: playback samples in the sample mode, BPM synchronized loops in clip mode, slicer mode for triggering individual regions, or a new granular mode. The latter is probably the most interesting modes of the new bitbox mk2. Further, it allows streaming up to 8 large samples of up to 4 GB file sizes straight from a microSD card.

1010music bitbox mk2

This module has all of the features of the original bitbox and adds effects and mixing capabilities that take advantage of the faster and more powerful processor. Also the switchable firmware.

Switchable Firmware

One of the most popular features of the bitbox mk1 is the possibility to switch firmware. This allows you to transform the module into a completely new one. A little downer: currently you can not load the Mk1 firmware on the new MK2 version but 1010music plans to make them available in the future.


  • Play samples with up to 24 notes of polyphony from 64 MB of internal memory or stream 8 tracks of stereo, 24-bit samples (up to 4G each) from microSD, supporting up to 256GB
  • Multiple clip Launch Modes, including One-Shot, Toggle and Gate
  • Create and instantly recall Presets and use 16 pads to play one-shot samples, loops or multi-sampled instruments – with complete control of sample slice playback, granular processing, and modulation
  • Import bitbox mk2 Presets directly into Ableton Live as a 4×4 bank of samples complete with sample slice parameters
  • Trigger samples via touch screen, CV/Gate inputs, or MIDI input
  • Use MIDI for polyphonic playback of samples or slices
  • Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card (included)
  • Free sample library including beats and other samples by producer Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle), Soundopolis and SympleSound
  • 24-bit/48kHz stereo input for high quality recordings, with stereo output and two mono effects sends
  • Stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize start/stop times to clock inputs with a maximum recording time of up to 4 hours
  • Playback can be immediate or synchronized to analog or MIDI clock to allow BPM sync and start/stop quantization to note values (measure, 1/4, 1/8, etc.)
  • Control of sample parameters, including start position, length, gain, loop mode, launch quantization, grain size, grain spread, grain count
  • Tweak synth playback parameters including pitch, gain, filter, pitch, modulation and ADSR envelopes plus MIDI note, channel mapping and control mapping
  • Supports hundreds of User Presets
  • Accepts TRS MIDI Type A and Type B input compatible with Arturia and other MIDI controllers
  • 26 HP Eurorack compatible 400mA on +12V

1010music bitbox mk2 is available in the first week of June 2020 for $599.95 USD.

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