Poly Effects Hector, All Beebo & Digit Modular Power In 30HP With MIDI & CV I/O

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Poly Effects brings its Digits and Beebo pedals to the Eurorack format as a 30HP module (Hector) with the same modular power but with full MIDI & CV I/O.

In 2020, effect pedals based on modular engines were also a big topic. Among other things, the Empress Audio Zoia or from the young newcomer Poly Effects Beebo and Digits were big highlights last year. 

Poly Effects is venturing into new waters for the virtual NAMM 2021 that many will be happy about. They go Eurorack and bring its Digits and Beebo modular engines to the market compressed in a Eurorack module called Hector. The same power, same engines only in one module with lots of audio, CV, and MIDI I/O.

Poly Effects Hector

Usually this time of year I’d be showing things at the NAMM Show but we’ve still got news! This is Hector, our first Eurorack module. All the modules from Beebo & Digit in 30 HP. 6 in 8 out, all CV & audio capable plus MIDI IO. Coming around March/April. I’ll have some pedal news this week too.

Poly Effects Hector

Beebo and Digit in Eurorack, that’s going to be crazy. A Eurorack system is already a modular synthesizer per se. Now you get a fully modular synthesizer in a modular synth. The inception of modular synthesis has just started.

I think the step to bring the platform into the Eurorack format is great because it offers endless possibilities. As a reminder: Both Beebo and Digits are firmware that can be exchanged at will. Beebo is more the modulation powerhouse, Digit more the delay/reverb designer. But both are super-powerful modular sound processors with which you can do a lot, and not just modulations, delays, or reverbs. Complete synthesizer voices, granular synthesis, experimental bit-crushing effects … there are no limits to your creativity.

Mutable Instruments Ports

Plus, it has several Mutable Instruments algorithm ports built-in including Clouds, Plaits macro oscillators, and a meta modulator with 7 blendable signal combining algorithms including ring modulation, comparators, and cross folding. Get a full overview of the pedal in my article

I’m looking forward to Beebo and Digits in Eurorack. According to the developers, they will arrive around March/April 2021. Price TBA.

More information here: Poly Effects

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