Error Instruments Released Drone Bank Synthesizer & Indian Resonator Eurorack Module

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Error Instruments’ latest releases are a new triangle-based Drone Bank Synth and Indian Resonator, a digital module that is inspired by the Plum Butter Synthesizer sound.

The Dutch developer is known for very unique experimental products that you can’t buy at a large music retailer. These two new releases are also unique developments.

(Drone Bank) is a digital drone Synthesizer that offers 4 separated triangle oscillators where each oscillator can modulate every other oscillator. With this, you can create very crazy noisy sounds.

The unit also includes a tap switch that allows you to create not only long drones but also short pushes. This can be heard in the sound demo from the developer.

Indian Resonator

Indian Resonator is the second new product of Error Instruments and is an organic bass sound generator for the Eurorack format. The developer described it as the sound generator as a resonating Indian flute. The module offers 4 knobs on the interface and 2 CV inputs with which you can control the sound character of the module.

Error Instruments Indian Resonator

The sound that is coming out of the module is heavily inspired by the Plum Butters, a very good known experimental Synthesizer. Paul, the developer writes that users must find the perfect spot using the 4 knobs, so a good mix of bass feedback and resonance.

Error Instruments Drone Bank is available now for 129€ and Indian Resonator for 175€ in the official EI online shop.

More information here: Error Instruments

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