Superbooth 24: Knobula Echo Cinematic, new stereo multi effects module

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Superbooth 24: Knobula Echo Cinematic is a new stereo multi-effects module inspired by the dub music culture from the 1980s.

The British developer Knobula has specialized in packing a lot of functionality into modules without relying on screens or deep menu diving. Even with this impressive depth of features, the modules remain very hands-on.

For Superbooth 24, Knobula expands its range of module with a new multi-FX module. 

Knobula Echo Cinematic

Knobula Echo Cinematic

Echo Cinematic is a new multi-effects module that follows the same concept as the previous module. It has a serious set of features, but no screen and presets. According to the developer, it draws its inspiration from the influential dub music culture that emerged from Jamaica and made its mark on the London music scene in the early Eighties.

The module has three core elements: a versatile EQ, delay, and reverb. The Echo Cinematic’s Eq section boasts three selectable filter types — namely, Shelf (high-/low-pass), Peak (peak/notch), and classic Comb; each can be patched into the Fback (feedback) loop (in so-called Dub Mode), Delay (output), or All (entire signal path), including the self-explanatory Dry or Effect signal.

Then the delay section offers up to two seconds of stereo delay time, complete with Tap delay and grid Snapping functionality to ensure precise synchronisation with the beat or clock signal. Next to this is a lush-sounding reverb with 24-bit stereo processing, also available in other Knobula modules.

To enter this dub music-style spheres, the module also hosts built-in modulation. It hosts two independent LFOs for both the EQ and delay, allowing you to animate the parameters. Plus, there is a 30-second knob recording functionality  for simultaneously controlling every knob on the module’s clear-cut front panel.

Further, it has two CV inputs (CV A and CV B) for external voltage control. Jason Mayo, Knobula’s technical director says:

Before Knobula was founded, even, Echo Cinematic was intended to be our Eurorack debut. Duly envisioned as the ultimate dub-style echo module, its development was paused due to Poly Cinematic’s unexpected success;

Echo Cinematic nonetheless now represents the culmination of a meticulous three-year developmental journey, the result of which has turned out to be even better than my original concept, so I’m immensely proud to finally introduce it to the Eurorack community.”

Knobula Echo Cinematic First Impression

A very nice new multi-FX module. I like the analog-like philosophy of operation. Less menu diving and more knobs are very welcome. In the first demo, the module sounded very good. I’m looking forward to more sound demos.
Knobula Echo Cinematic will be available in June 2024 for $399 USD/350€ (Net) Knobula will have a booth (Z365) at Superbooth 24. 

More information here: Knobula

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