Frequency Central Has Ignited The Boolean Logic Bomb With 3 New Modules

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Frequency Central is expanding its Eurorack range with three new Boolean Logic-based modules that let your gates communicate musically together.

Frequency Central, known among DIY enthusiasts, today released three new Boolean Logic-based Euroack releases. Boolean Logic aka Binary is an algebra that relies on three simple words known as Boolean Operators: “or”, “and”, and “not”. At the heart is the idea that all values are either true or false or in these case on/off.

In Eurorack, these modules are, for example”, handy to combine different types of signals and to derive new ones. Often used to make patterns more complex and varied. The new Frequency Central modules offers a hodgepodge of classic logic functions for the tight budget

Frequency Central Boolean logic

Two Modules Same Concept

Deep Thought has been on sale for a while, but I only noticed it now. According to Frequency Central, the two new modules are slimmer alternatives to the other. However, Deep Thought and Logic Bomb are both Boolean logic modules and are very similar in terms of functionality. Both share the same logic functions NOT A, NOT B, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR but offer different connection options.

Deep Thought Vs. Logic Bomb

On one hand, DT features two distinct sections each with their own pair of inputs. In the lower section, you can choose these via a dedicated knob or via CV input. The lower section has outputs for each individual function. This makes the whole thing much more flexible than to be limited to one function.

On the other hand, we have Logic Bomb which is also prominently named in the title of this article. It has two independent sections like DT but they share the same addressable Boolean Logic functions. They are selectable via a knob or CV input. The latter has a range of 0V to 5V and if you work with CV, the knob becomes attenuators. In this way, the upper section of Deep Thought, times two in a single module. To illustrate, you can use these module to distribute gates so that they can form a drum sequence without a sequencer. Or to trigger events only for certain moments.

Reset Simulation closes the circle of Boolean Logic-based releases. It has two inputs (A,B) and 8 simultaneous function outputs: NOT A, NOT B, AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR and XNOR. Each of the 8 outputs goes high when their respective truth tables are satisfied by the A and B inputs. The concept is very unique but also more difficult to explain. Hence here what the developer says about it:

Legend has it that if the user can make all LEDs light up at the same time, the current simulation that we are living in will be replaced with another, slightly different simulation. Another legend has it that this has already happened multiple times. A further legend refutes both previous legends as the ramblings of a madman.

The Frequency Central logic modules are available now. Logic Bomb (£120), and Reset Simulation (£120) are currently only available as a pre-assembled version from the official. The DIY versions are available as a full kit exclusively from Thonk.  

Deep Thought is available as a ready-to-use module(£160) or as a DIY project.

More information here: FC

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