Din Sync RE-606, Roland TR-606 Analog Drum Machine Clone

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UK synth brand Din Sync is working on a new authentic analog clone of the Roland TR-606 (1981) drum machine named RE-606.

2020 seems to be the year of the Roland TR-606 clones. Already in January Behringer showed the RD-6, an analog reproduction for the mass. Din Sync, known for the RE-303 (TB-303 Clone) or JP-One, has now also introduced a TR-606 clone with the name RE-606 for Superbooth 20 Home Edition.

The RE-606 is also analog and based on the design of the Roland TR-606. According to the Din Sync forum, the development of the RE-606 seems to be finished. Paul (Din Sync) is still waiting for a case, but this will follow shortly.

Din Sync RE-606

However, it will be a different clone than the RD-6, Cyclone Analogic TT-606 or Acidlab Drumatix. According to the first information, the sound engine and sequencer will be identic to the original TR-606 and will not offer any new functions..

So it will feature all the original drumkit: kick, snare, low tom, hi tom, cymbal, open hi-hat, and closed hi-hat. It is not known whether the drum machine can be expanded with new features later

Roswell Bundle

Update: Din Sync RE-606 is available now for 1,900.00 Kr (+/- £150) in the Roswell Bundle DIY version which includes the PCBs, pots, jacks, and transistors. The other components can be sourced from Mouser for example for about 100€. Plus, you need the buttons and knob caps.

More information here: DS

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