Vermona MeloDICER Stochastic Pattern Generator Is Available Now

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With MeloDICER, the German brand Vermona releases a new innovative Eurorack sequencer in which the user generates sequences only by using probability and random events.

It took a little longer. The first prototype of this special sequencer was already shown at NAMM 2018. Over two years later, It’s finally available and offers many functions that set it apart from classic sequencers. The meloDICER can only create up to 16 steps per pattern (16 patterns in the memory) but this is probably the only part that is normal on this sequencer. Vermona has equipped its latest module with a lot of functions that are based on probability and random process.

The module features twelve faders on the front panel where each stands for a note on the scale (C, C#, D…). With these, you can determine the probability of the respective note or, to put it more simply, pushing the slider up to increase the prob of that note sounding. So you don’t set a fixed note here but play with the probability of it. However, if you want to use it as a classic sequencer with a fixed set of repeating notes, you have to set the prob to the maximum. The charm of this sequencer, however, is to experiment with the faders and to rely less on fixed values.

Vermona Melodicer

Further, you can set the pattern time division, note length, legato, and the rest between the notes. A pattern consists of all these rhythmic and melodic elements that Vermona gives you in the hand and lets you do what you do with it.

Dice Your Melodies

Vermona didn’t just name his sequencer Melodicer, but this has a reason. Like the Random Rhythm, which was recently published for Softube Modular, it has also a dice feature aka random functions. There are two dice buttons on the right side, one for the rhythm and one for the melody. This allows you to capture a randomly generated pattern and to loop it with the lock function. Unlock this function and you get endless new random patterns that can be again captured. Endless fun is guaranteed.

As already mentioned, up to 16 patterns can be saved in the internal memory. A beautiful green/red LED wreath on the right gives information about which pattern is currently being played.

Advanced Modulation Over CV

You can go even more complex by modulating or triggering a variety of parameters with CV and gate. There are two CVs and gate inputs that can be assigned to different parameters like transpose sequence, note value or even animating both dices (re-dice…).

At first look, this is a very exciting sequencer with a different operating concept. Here you are almost forced to experiment with it because otherwise it cannot be operated. Nice job, here I have to say for myself that I would like to test and play it.

Vermona Melodicer is available now for 429€ at Schneidersladen and soon worldwide.

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