World’s Largest Sequencer & Tram Machine Built By Red Bull Music Academy In Berlin!

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The Red Bull Music Academy has developed in collaboration with Neulant van Exel the world’s largest sequencer & tram machine in Berlin!

Musicians / bands like Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre … made sure that electronic music is at our current level. But not only the musicians are responsible for it but also the instruments that were used at that time. For example, Roland celebrated these instruments with a re-make in the form of Boutique Synthesizer / dum machines. But it’s also possible to pay tribute to these instruments in a bigger form.

Red Bull Music Academy has developed the world largest step sequencer to pay tribute to these instruments. At the same time, they cover the metro trains in Berlin with the design of the Roland TR-808, TR-909 and TB-303 to the KORG MS-20, NI Maschine and Ableton Push. An excellent way to pay tribute to these releases in my opinion and it fits perfectly to the music culture of Berlin. If you visit /live in Berlin, don’t miss this electronic music event!

“We wanted to pay tribute to the most influential mechanical instrument in club culture, so we’ve created this gigantic beast and stationed it outside the iconic Berlin club Tresor. The RBMA-20 is the largest step sequencer in the world: 10m long, 2.2m high, 600 kg, and armed with 427 knobs.

Red Bull Music has also published a jam on the world largest sequencer by Symbiz feat. INSTANT.

More information here: Red Bull Music Academy 

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