iZotope’s $49 Music Maker’s Bundle Is Packed With Synths, Effects, Mixing & Mastering Tools

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iZotope Music Maker’s Bundle includes 8 creative plugins made for advanced sound design (Iris 2, BT, Trash 2) but also for learning to mix & master your tracks.

The Music Maker’s bundle is yet another bundle from the US-based company. However, for $49 USD, it includes a lot of creative plugins that expand your sonic palette. The bundle includes Iris 2, a spectral sample-based Synthesizer plugin, or even the experimental BreakTweaker drum machine that was developed in collaboration with BT. The engine is based on wavetable synthesis as well as sample playback combined with a very complex sequencer. Probably one of the deepest ever seen in a drum machine plugin. From granulation on the steps, micro-step editing, or glitching effects on the steps.

Both plugins alone are worth the price of the bundle. It also includes iZotope Trash 2, a versatile multi-effects processor that is based on two distortion processors as well as Stutter Edit, a glitch effect processor. On top of that, it includes the complete Elements plugin series including Ozone, Neutron, RX, and Nectar elements. Altogether a nice selection of powerful and versatile music production tools for little money. About $6 per plugin is a nice price performance factor.

iZotope Music Maker


The Music Maker’s Bundle contains every iZotope Elements product for music as well as a huge selection of their most creative and innovative plugins. Kick start your creative toolbox and get what you need to start and complete any audio project.

iZotope’s mission is to enable creativity for all through intelligent, compelling audio technology—and what better way to do that than to offer a vast selection of their products at a fraction of their collective value


  • Ozone Elements.
  • Neutron Elements.
  • RX Elements.
  • Nectar Elements.
  • Stutter Edit.
  • BreakTweaker Expanded.
  • Trash 2 + Expansions.
  • Iris 2.

iZotope Music Maker’s Bundle is available now for $49 USD.

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