Yaeltex Lets You Design Your Dream MIDI Controller & Will Build It For You

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At Yaeltex you become a MIDI controller designer, simply using the intuitive web editor in which you can put together your desired device, buy it and deliver it to your home.

Yaeltex is a young developer company founded by 4 friends in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, they are showing us not a Synthesizer but a new MIDI controller concept. They do everything differently from the classic MIDI controller market. No one-size-fits-all, but your personal controller with the functions you need. You have to spend a little more money for this, but ultimately you have a MIDI device that is tailored to your needs.

As within a fast-food restaurant, you can choose between a small, medium, or a large one. Plus, you can say if you want a horizontal or vertical layout. From this point you are free and you are a MIDI designer.


In the Factory editor, there are various MIDI control elements to choose from with which you can equip the controller. From classic rotary encoders, faders, illuminated encoders, shorter or longer pads, joysticks, etc.

Each controller size has different space for control elements. A bit of a shame, the modular concept is only for the manufacturer, not for the customer. For example, you cannot replace the elements later and replace them with others. The concept should give the customer the opportunity to design the dream controller. So it’s a modular buying concept less a modular controller.

Yaeltex Factory.

Make It Yours

Yaeltex goes one step further. In addition to the free choice of control elements, the manufacturers also give you the option to visually personalize your controller. Simply upload your logo or your own design. The developers will then print it on your device. I’ve never seen so much personalization in the MIDI controller market. Nice concept.

I had the chance to talk with Ale Yael of Yaeltex at Superbooth 20 Home Edition and received a big overview of the MIDI controllers and the web editor.

Availability & Price

According to Yaeltex, the platform goes online in June. A beta version is currently running with 30 units where you can participate. Once ordered, the developer needs 3 weeks to assemble your device and shipped it to the end customer.

The price depends on the size, the number of controls, and their complexity. Encoders with LEDs are more expensive than simple ones. The prices start under $300 for a controller with a simple setup and go over $1000 for the top model. Not cheap but super personal.

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