Klok Blok Is Error Instruments’ Experimental Take On A Clock Divider Module

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Error Instruments, known for experimental, weird instruments, presents Klok Blok, a clock divider module that is no less special in terms of appearance and functionality.

Clock dividers are very useful. These divides an incoming clock signal into several subordinate resolutions such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc.  Mostly these are available at several outputs and perfect to trigger different modules like envelopes, drums, and more. Especially nice for creating complex drum patterns where every element has a different speed.

Paul Tas from Error Instruments is known to some readers for the lovely weird designs of modules. Always with the focus in the experimental, noisy field. His latest module bears the name Klok Blok and is a clock divider à la Error Instruments.

Error Instruments Klok Blok

Error Instruments Klok Blok

Klok Blok is a clock divider module with 12 outputs, 6 on every side. You can either use the internal clock or feed Klok Bok with an external clock. The internal can be set with the master clock knob or instantly by pressing the slow/fast button. With this, you can move it in a new direction in a matter of seconds. The alien-style LED interface gives you information on which subordinate resolutions are active.

Then it has two LFOs, one slower and one faster.  There is an output for each and these act according to the clock divider settings. These can generate very subtle but also very experimental, weird modulations. What makes the module stand out is the very experimental design, which will be available in gold or silver according to Paul. Looks like aliens brought the module fresh from deep space. I love it.

The two LFOs are nice extras for this clock divider, which makes it very exciting in my opinion.

Error Instruments Klok Blok is available now for 199€ (including 21% VAT).

More information here: Error Instruments

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