Behringer Poly D, Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer Is Ready For Pre-Order

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Behringer Poly D is a paraphonic analog Synthesizer based on the Minimoog expanded with an additional Osc, Juno chorus… & now available for pre-order

Update: Behringer Poly D is available now for pre-order at Thomann for 699€ (partner link)

My guess war near correct (90%). The Behringer Poly D is real and is a new 4-voice polyphonic  analog Synthesizer that is based on the circuits on the Moog Minimoog. Can you call this a clone or something new? For me, rather the second because they modified the idea of a classic Minimoog keyboard version.

Poly D has 4 oscillators, a classic ladder filter, LFO, BBD stereo chorus, distortion, 32-step sequencer, and an arpeggiator. It also features a 37 full-size keys with velocity support what is a nice addon. It offers three different modes to choose from monophonic, polyphonic or unison.

4 VCOs, Ladder Filter & Effects

The Poly D has four highly-flexible Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) that provide an range of 5 waveforms for sculpting the perfect sound. Oscillators 1, 2 and 3 options include: triangular; triangular/saw; saw; square; wide pulse; and narrow pulse, while OSC 4 features: triangular; reverse saw; saw; square; wide pulse; and narrow pulse. Additionally, all 4 VCOs can be adjusted across an extremely-wide, 6-octave range (LO, 32’, 16’, 8’, 4’ and 2’).

It includes a classic 24dB ladder filter with cutoff frequency, emphasis, and Contour to dial in the perfect sound. Like on the Model D, it offers switchable lowpass and highpass characteristics for the filter. You can also adjust a dedicated filter envelope (ADS) to affect the cutoff frequency with time. A pity, it’s just a single filter, two ladder filters would have been exciting here. So it’s pseudo polyphonic or paraphonic.

Behringer Poly-D

On top, the Behringer team equipped the Poly D with an effect section that includes a classic stereo chorus modeled on the Roland Juno-60 as well as a circuit modeled on the BOSS DS-1. So Behringer can not keep his hands off Roland.


Polyphonic Sequencer & Tons Of I/O

Poly D features also a built-in arpeggiator and polyphonic sequencer. It has 84 controls, all laid out in a highly-intuitive format that puts the joy back into your music creation. Input and output connections include MIDI I/O and Thru over USB/MIDI DIN; After Pressure and Velocity outputs with their own dedicated volume controls; internal and external V-Trig I/O; external Loudness, Filter, OSC, and modulation source outputs.

Behringer Poly D Synthesizer is available now for pre-order for 699€ from Thomann and other stores. Estimated delivery 3-4 weeks.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. Hey, thanks for the headsup.
    Does the Poly D also send and receive MIDI from turning the knobs and switches?

    It would be awesome to be able to control the synth from a DAW as well.


          • how about controlling the octaves? if i plugged in an external module would the poly d be able to send mod & octave signals to it?

          • “nope, no analog clone from Behringer features MIDI CC for the knobs like Cutoff, resonance etc.”

            That’s not true. This one doesn’t just like the original doesn’t, but some behringer clones do, such as the modded out version of the tb-303, the td-3-mo. Generally most behringer clones except for a few will stay as close to the originals as possible, supporting no more or no less midi features.

          • yes but you are commenting on an article from 2019 😉 Some of the new ones have the ability but not all.

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