Behringer Synth Tool App Features A Sequencer Editor For The MS-1 & Odyssey Synthesizer

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Behringer Synth Tool is a free app that gives you full control over the internal sequencer of the MS-1 & Odyssey Synthesizer including saving patterns

Maybe I’m wrong but the new Behringer MS-1 and Odyssey are among the best selling synthesizers currently. What many people do not know. There is a synth tool app for both analog synthesizers. Among other things, you can update the firmware here or calibrate the device.

The highlight is something else: the app has a sequencer editor with which you can change sequences of both synthesizers, save and exchange them. You can also change here the gate length, ratchet, velocity and more.

Behringer Synth Tool

Very good what Behringer is doing here. Of the well-known Japanese companies, there is no such thing and you often have to use third-party apps. KORG offers per example for the Monologue and Minilogue a patch librarian but no option to change the sequencer.

Behringer has today released a tutorial on how to use this synth tool app. To be honest I did not know even before this video that there is a sequencer editor

Behringer Synth Tool App is available now as a free download.

More information here: Behringer

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