Midihub, A Portable “Swiss Knife” MIDI Interface With Many Creative Features

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Midihub is a portable MIDI processor & router that goes beyond classic MIDI interfaces and offers a lot of creative features.

MIDI interfaces belong to the arsenal of every electronic musician. New releases are usually annoying for music tech websites because often only the name and color change. An interface remains an interface, with more or fewer connections or not? The young Lithuanian company Blokas shows how to make more out of MIDI Interfaces with the new Midihub.

The small gray box looks inconspicuous from the outside but is very complex inside. Midihub is a powerful MIDI processor & router that features 4 MIDI inputs & 4 outputs as well as a USB port for power and/or communication with the computer. It includes a dedicated editor with which you can configure your device and activate/deactivate specific features. If you love to work DAWless it’s probably a perfect solution because you need the computer only for the configuration, then no more.


The exciting thing about Midihub is that you can only connect keyboards, but benefit completely from the MIDI technology. It offers in a total of 22 different functions in one device. Per example, you can split signals or layer different hardware synths together.

22 MIDI Functions In A Small Box

  • Classic usb midi interface
  • MIDI Router
  • MIDI Filter
  • MIDI Transformer
  • MIDI Combiner / Merger
  • MIDI Sync Offset
  • MIDI Thru Box
  • MIDI Splitter
  • MIDI Note Repeater
  • MIDI Randomizer
  • MIDI Sustain Pedal
  • Note Transpose
  • Keyboard Splitter
  • Note to chord
  • Master Clock
  • Arpeggiator
  • MIDI Note Velocity Amplifier / Equalizer
  • MIDI Delay
  • Micro Tuner
  • Voice Dispatcher
  • Multi-CC Controller using a Single CC Knob
  • Fixed Note Length


Midihub Editor

The Midihub Editor lets you customize Midihub’s processing logic by laying down the processing pipelines. The interface is based on intuitive Drag & Drop. Every pipeline starts from an Input or Generator pipe, from which MIDI data flows to the right until it ends up in an Output pipe.

Midihub editor


  • Input/Output connectors: 8x DIN 5-female sockets &USB-B port
  • MIDI loopback latency: less than 1.5ms
  • Activity LED’s: 4x MIDI Input, 4x MIDI Output & 1x Status
  • Storage: 8 presets
  • Other input: 1x the button
  • power: bus-powered – computer or 5V USB power supply

Midihub is available now for pre-order for 122€ instead of 164€ from the Blokas website. Shipping starts on January 2020.

More information here: Blokas

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  1. If they add Ableton Link, I would sell my iConnectMIDI4+ and purchase this really nice gadget for <200,-…

  2. 2 midihubs owner here. They just published a huge firmware update which greatly enhances its programmability. At this stage, after 4+ years from initial release, the project is still alive and kicking and nothing in hardware comes remotely close to it in terms of midi processing.

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