Trogotronic ms658 Mother Mutant, All-Analog Experimental Synth & Module For Wild Sounds

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Trogotronic ms658 Mother Mutant: an all-analog experimental Synthesizer & Eurorack module which generates wild harsh sounds at the push of a button

Synthesizers are complex sound generators, each of which has its own character. There are instruments for soft timbres, fat-saturated sounds, or even harsh ones. What the Boutique synth developer Trogotronic shows us today is one of the latter. 658 Mother Mutant, available as a desktop unit and Eurorack module, is an all-analog Synthesizer that features two oscillators with two switchable frequency ranges and three generators that can access 16 internal patches.

Five sound sources are available in total and can be tuned separately and activated with buttons on the interface. The synth can be used in two ways: either as a classic synth or as a drone generator via gate. In this untraditional mode, the buttons then act as channel mutes.

Trogotronic ms658 Mother Mutant

ms658 Mother Mutant Details

The official manufacturer description sounds very adventurous and in advance, that also applies to the sound of the device.

From the subsonic submersible compositions of cetaceans to chiropteras’ hypersonic illuminations the fascinating sounds of terrestrial lifeforms are boundless. The acoustic paradox of this simple complexity is the locus of 658 Mother Mutant whose zoological songbook is rendered in pure, ultra-harmonic analog signal structures at up to 20 volts point to point

Further, it is equipped with an adjustable drive that increases the already unique wild sound to a new harshness level. The sound sources, gate, and drive can be controlled from external devices or modules via seven CV inputs on top of the device. Interestingly, it not only generates standalone sounds but also with an audio signal routed in via the audio input. In this case, the external signal modulates the sound sources of the engine. Each time you press the buttons, new sounds are created.

The ms658 Mother Mutant standalone version is equipped with 6.3 mm inputs/outputs, the module with classic 3.5 mm sockets. In terms of sound, the Synthesizer is more in the experimental, harsh area. It produces very wild, aggressive sounds that you hear less from classic synths.

For me, an extremely interesting Synthesizer, not only because of its very adventurous harsh sounds but also for its relatively simple, intuitive interface. Experimental hardware interested musicians will have fun here.  A bit of a shame, however: the developer doesn’t give us any more information about the engine details.


  • Blast or Mute Parameters & Gate with 6-Key & Mode-Switch Array
  • 7 CV Inputs, 6 Controlled by Keys including Output Gate
  • All Analog Ultra-Harmonic Signal Circuitry
  • Audio Input with Pre-Amp, Amplitude Knob & Level Light for FX Mode
  • Dedicated Gate Output Button with Preset Mode
  • 16 Internal Patches & 2 Freq. Ranges per Oscillator
  • Cast Aluminum Chassis for Tough Operating Conditions
  • Also available for Rack in 37HP Full-Format Modular Configuration

Trogotronic ms658 Mother Mutant is available now for $442 USD or as a Eurorack module for $436 USD.

More information here: Trogotronic 

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