Tangible Waves AE Modular Drum Modules & Topographic Sequencer Are Available Now

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Tangible Waves, the German modular synth developer has today released three new modules for the AE Modular: two drum modules and the Topographic Sequencer. The latter one is a clone of the Mutable Instruments GRIDS Eurorack module.

Crazy but true: at 65€. the Topographic Sequencer is among the most expensive modules currently from Tangible Waves. A nice example of how cheap this modular system is.

Tangible Waves Drum Modules

New Modules Are:

KICK is a purely analog kick drum generator “which packs a serious punch”. It offers three knobs (pitch, decay drive for distortion) and with the pitch decay switch the pitch follows the amp, giving a different character. Also, a handy trigger button is onboard.

DRUMKIT 010 is a lo-fi digital drum module with 11 banks of drum sounds, which can be triggered independently on six channels. It offers also a bank selector knob for selecting different combinations of the 11 samples, a pitch knob that affects the pitch of all instruments and a reverse button. The developer said: don’t expect high quality from this module – it’s by design a nasty, lo-fi drum sound source, but definitely with its own character. Works great together with the analog

TOPOGRAF is a topographic pattern sequencer with three channels and is a clone of the Mutable Instruments GRIDS module.

Demo By The Tuesday Night Machines

Never heard of the AE Modular System? Then check out the story where you get an insight into the German synth-maker.

Tangible Waves DRUM 010 is available now for 49€, KICK module for 29€ and TOPOGRAF for 65€. All prices without tax.

More information here: AE Modular

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