Save 50% OFF Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer Plugin

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Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synth is a monster Synthesizer plugin with a huge amount of features. With the regular updates (thanks for this), the versatility of this synth is increased every time. Currently available are classic virtual analog, oscillator shapes with single cycle waveforms, freeform (draw own waveforms), wavetable synths with 128 shapes, multi-samples, granular synthesis, drum sequencer & more. On top, you have different oscillator shapers, 47 filter types, custom envelopes, LFO’s, arpeggiator, sequencers, 30 effects, layers and more.

Why am I talking about Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger Synthesizer now? Simple: they have announced a very rare 50% OFF sale. Now you can get it for under 100€, what is a really amazing deal if you check the number of features. If you search an alternative to Serum or the unfinished Massive X, go for VPS Avenger. Thanks to its many synthesis functions, you are guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time. Because it’s Vengeance Sound’s 10th anniversary, you can save also on all other plugins 50% OFF.

Vengeance Sound Avenger Synthesizer

Features At A Glance

  • VST / PC & Intel Mac AU / AAX / VST – runs in all compatible hosts
  • 64 Bit and VST3 standard (64-Bit is required!)
  • Over 1000 factory presets
  • 620 multisamples
  • 218 special samples (attacks, noises)
  • 154 resampler waves
  • 168 drumkits, 168 drum sequences
  • 596 wavetables
  • 219 granular samples
  • Thousands of OSC shapes (waveforms) available
  • 30 FX types including Analog Chorus, Reverb, Phaser etc from ArtsAcoustic)
  • 47 Filter-Types
  • Up to 1000 playing oscs with one note possible
  • Resampling / Wavetable Generator built-in
  • Freeform OSCs – draw your own waveforms
  • Alias free OSCs, Wavetables, FM & AM Modulation
  • Powerful and easy drag and drop mod matrix
  • Rsizable vectorized GUI (4k ready)
  • Undo Feature
  • Comfortable preset search system  tag cloud
  • 8 arps, drums sequencer, 8 step sequencers, 18 envelope generators
  • 16 individually routable sub outs into your DAW’s mixer
  • Macro controllers assigned in each preset for quick sound changes
  • External MIDI Controllers and pedals support
  • Free routable FX busses and send effects
  • Customizable LFOs, 4 Shaper Modules (distortion units on OSC level)
  • Many Unison Features: Chorder and our own invented ‘V-Saw’ supersaw
  • Key and Velocity Zones
  • Import your own multi-samples, drums, wavetables or OSC waveforms
  • MIDI learn function (connect your external MIDI gear with Avenger)

Vengeance Sound Avenger Synth is now available for $109 USD until July 29th, 2019. All other Vengeance Sound plugins are also available at a 50% discount in celebration of its 10th anniversary. The deal expires July 29th, 2019.

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