Spitfire Audio Orbis World Synthesizer, Discover The Sound World Of David Fanshawe In Your DAW

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Spitfire Audio has today announced the release of Orbis, a new virtual instrument plugin that is described as “world Synthesizer. It features over 18000 samples recorded by sound designer David Fanshawe who has traveled the globe for over 4 decades to capture rare and unique performances from different cultures and a vast array of instruments.

Orbis is powered by the eDNA engine that allows users to sculpt new sounds with the onboard sample content. It combines two sounds and modulates between them with envelopes, filters, wobbles per sound, as well as a selection of FX processors. An additional gate sequencer allows independent gating between these two bays.

Spitfire Audio Orbis

More Than Organic Recordings

Spitfire Audio describes the sound content of Orbis more than organic field recordings: 90% of the library is made up of treated content, created from the clean recordings by our expert team of engineers in our own journey of sonic discovery. Our eDNA engine provides you with endless parameters and possibilities to enhance every sound even further. Discover hundreds of sounds, treated in various different ways using our expertise and technology, with every sound run through 3000 lines of code.

Some have been subtly manipulated, while others heavily processed, unrecognisable from their original source material. From playable one-shots and short phrases to tuned and untuned rhythmic loops and recordings up to a minute long, discover sounds with subtle movement, complexity, and evolution. Throbbing basses and pulsing loops, ideal for dance music; thunderous drones, subsonic low-end and visceral, tortured drum hits, for adding movement and depth; Blade Runner-style synths, made from antelope horns, and ethereal pads and breathtakingly beautiful evolving textures, for three-dimensional cinematic soundscapes.

Designed to take you to new levels of sonic exploration and adventure, this library offers you a lifetime of inspiration, and is an essential resource for any producer, composer or sound designer looking for that new sound or texture.


  • 18450 samples
  • 22 GB disk space required during install
  • 2984 sounds, 1246 loops, 1221 one-shots, 517 pads and 201 presets
  • powered by the EDNA engine

First Impression

Spitfire Audio has incorporated and summarized the sound world of Dave Fanshawe in an exciting new virtual instrument. I can imagine that you can spend a very long time in this virtual instrument designed new sounds. Impressive work!

Orbis is available now for VST/AU/AAX plugin format at an introductory price of £229 GBP/$269 USD/269 EUR until August 1st, 2019. The regular price is £299 GBP/$349 USD/349 EUR. Prices incl. VAT where applicable.

More information here: Spitfire Audio

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