Moog Music Spectravox Sound Demo, A Semi-Modular Analog Vocoder/Synthesizer

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For some years there is the possibility to solder an exclusive Synthesizer at the Moog Fest. After the Subharmonicon Synthesizer last year, participants of the VIP Workshop can currently build the Moog Music Spectravox. The Spectravox is a spectral modulator inspired by Homer Dudley’s developments in speech synthesis during the 1930s.

This all-analog design is built around a 10-band spectral analysis and synthesis section and features some new twists that will make the Spectravox a deep resource for exploring and creating unique electronic timbres.

Moog Music Spectravox

Also this year, Loopop took part in the workshop, thanks to its Patreon Supporters, and has already released a small sound demo on YouTube.

Early Sound Demo By RPLKTR

Moog Music has already released a sound demo teaser a few weeks before the event.

Moog Music Spectravox is only available during the MoogFest 2019. Whether the synthesizer goes into big production is not known.

More information here: Moog Music

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