WS-Audio Updated Trueno USB Synthesizer To V.1.1 With Major Improvements & New Sounds

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Trueno is not a normal instrument with keys but is a new hybrid Synthesizer that combines analog technology inside a USB stick and digital features in a plugin editor. Inside the stick, you can find the analog oscillators, osc-modulation as well as the filter. The digital part of the engine is hidden in the plugin / editor that features the digital oscillators, envelopes, LFO and effects.

WS-Audio released this week the beta version of the upcoming v.1.1 update for the Trueno Synthesizer that features major sound improvements and a preset browser with 39 patches. Check out below to get an overview of some of the new included sounds.


Version 1.1.0 is Trueno’s first major software update; it adds several highly requested features as well as a factory preset bank and improves USB reliability under Windows.

As we’ve added quite a few features and changed the way the USB communication works under Windows so we’re releasing it as a beta. We’re especially interested in hearing how it works for you if you’re using Windows.

New Features & Bug Fixes
  • High quality resampling – now works at any sample rate!
  • New preset browser added with patch/bank saving and loading.
  • 39 factory presets included.
  • Tuning shows percentage while tuning.
  • Improved multi FX sound quality with lower CPU usage.
  • LFO/Env modulation destinations show value whilst dragging with adjusted gearing for finer control.
  • LFO/Env modulation destinations can now be assigned by right clicking.
  • Pitch wheel mapped by default.
  • Improved USB reliability under Windows.
Sound Demo Of Some Patches

More information here: WS-Audio

Available here: Trueno Synthesizer 

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