Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer, An Official Reissue Or Further Development In The Future?

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Will the legendary Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer be available again in the future? This question can now be discussed if you look at the Ideascale forum of Yamaha. Last year (2018) Yamaha opened an Ideascale forum where members can talk about Synthesizers. On this are also employees from the R&D department of the company.

In one of the recent questions, Ben (R&D Planning Manager) asks the community how they would like to see the Yamaha CS-80: as a vintage reissue or as further development. It seems that Yamaha wants to see their legendary CS-80 as a product again and not just as a clone. Screenshot from the forum (Frederic Delchambre)

Yamaha CS-80 reissue

CS-80 Reissue, Deckards Dream, Behringer clone…

Black Corporation from Japan has developed the Deckards Dream,  a good sounding clone/tribute/recreation of the CS-80 with modern features: MPE, presets, etc. Nothing is officially confirmed, but as we know Behringer, probably a CS-80 clone will come also in the future. Let see. So it’s no surprise to me that Yamaha now goes on the offensive and try to bring back this legend.

In my opinion, it would be exciting if Yamaha brings a further development of the CS-80 on the market. Analog but with modern technologies such as MPE, etc. Also funny would be a CS-8 Reface with which you can play the sounds of the CS-80 in a small portable instrument à la Roland Boutique JP-08. This could be a CS-80 DSP based emulation. The know-how would have Yamaha.

What a Yamaha CS-80 remake will look like and what features it will have is not known. One thing is for sure, Yamaha is working on something, we just do not know what. Maybe we will know more in 2020, 2021…

More information here: Yamaha Synths

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