Play Oscilloscope-Music With The New Free 3D Fractal Synthesizer For PC & Mac

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Create Oscilloscope visuals very easy and intuitive with the new free 3D fractal Synthesizer for PC & Mac

Soundemote released this week Spiral Generator free, the first in the series of oscilloscope-music inspired products and which pairs perfectly with PrettyScope. Amazing is that Spiral Generator uses an algorithm created by oscilloscope-music specialists Jerobeam Fenderson. There will be more an advanced 2D and 3D Synthesizers in the future for serious music production and sound design. Nonetheless, in my opinion a great new free instrument that helps musicians to create new interesting experimental music with visuals.

Features of Spiral Generator 

  • Features Jerobeam Fenderson’s very own algorithm which generates a fractal spiral that is infinitely zoomable by modulating the “Morph” parameter.
  • All parameters automatable.
  • Creates some mean vocal basses.
  • Infinitely rotatable by modulating the “RotY” and “RotX” parameters.
  • Use the “ZAmount” parameter to engage chaotic feedback, great for sound design and fx.
  • 6 assignable LFOs
  • 5 Velocity-sensitive ADSRs (hard-wired for now)
  • Selectable oversampling from 1x to 8x (I could increase that range if needed)
  • Soft-clipper at the output will saturate the signal as you increase the output gain.

Spiral Generator is now available for free to download for PC and Mac. (VST/AU) A Linux version is coming soon.

 More informations here: Spiral Generator Free Synthesizer

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