Signal Zirkus 016: Come In & Be Enchanted By 4 Exciting Electronic Music Artists

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The Viennese music project Signal Zirkus invites you again on 19 June to an exciting and varied journey through the sound worlds!

For all readers from Vienna, mark the 19 June! Because then the next edition of Signal Zirkus takes place, an event that takes visitors on a journey through a variety of soundscapes. The aim of the event is to give musicians a stage and get them out of their mostly dark studios. It’s not only an event for experienced live artists but also for beginners who have not had the chance to play live.

The Signal Zirkus stands for versatile electronic music and does not fixate itself in a certain direction. So every evening is special and not comparable to another. With 4 artists each, we try to cover a wide range of electronic music. From atmospheric textures, electronic pop music, drones, noise to techno sounds, there is something for everyone.

Community Building

The Signal Zirkus should also be an evening for the community of electronic music. Not only can people listen to new music, they can also discuss with other artists, develop new ideas and much more. With these evenings, the organizers try to bring further the community of electronic music and make them more versatile as before. I can guarantee with great likelihood that the artists of the next edition on 19 June will provide a diversified evening.

The Artists Of The Signal Zirkus 016: Dämmerung

Modular Workshops Between The Performances

So that no boredom arises between the renovation phases or you don’t have the right discussion partner, there are also entry-level modular workshops presented by the team of the Raw Voltage Modular Store Vienna.

Signal Zirkus 015 Pictures

Here are some pictures of the last Signal Zirkus

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Where & When?

The next Signal Zirkus will take place on 19 June at Rhiz in Vienna.

More information here: Signal Zirkus 

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